Late Follow up on Wordless Wednesday

I didn’t get a chance to finish writing about this picture before. A family emergency arose and I had to put everything on hold. Now that the emergency is over and the family reunion planning is almost finished, I can get back to my roots.

So, about the picture…

My daughter and my mother are pictured above on their way to visit their roots.  My mother was so exicted and my daughter seemed miserable.  I mean, what a mean mom she has for sending her on an all expense paid trip and her getting her passport stamped before me!! 

Of course, there roots are my roots too, but I didn’t get a chance to go.  Way to expensive and I can’t take that much time off from work.  But, this was an amazing opportunity for my daughter to go and visit relatives in Ethiopia for a month over the summer. They went to Mek’ele in the Tigray region of Ethiopia.

As you can see the look on my daughters face..she’s wasn’t looking forward to the trip. In all honesty, she didn’t want to go. But, I told her that she didn’t have a choice. She wants to travel and traveling isn’t always going to be spa and resorts. Plus, she going to see family. What 12 year old gets these kinds of opportunities? As good experiences go, I think this one was perfect for her.

So, for a month, she stayed with my aunt (my mom’s sister), uncle, great grandmother, and 8 cousins. She got to see that simple luxuries like…underwear was a complete anomaly to her female cousins. Not that they were poor, it just wasn’t something that they wore. She got to see that her 12 year old cousin does just about everything that her mother. All the cooking, cleaning, even child rearing. A far cry from my American child who grumbles over just washing dishes.

Not so surprisingly though, she really enjoyed herself. Stereotypes that she left home with faded away. (she said, “it’s not as hot as FL..actually, FL is hotter!”). She was able to see London for a short time (“People really sound like that… “)

All in all, even though sending her sent mommy into the poor house temporarily, I’m glad she was able to get the experience she did. When she’s 20+, she’ll be happy about it too. But as a pre-teen…she’s just annoyed again…

Wordless Wednesdays – Follow up

This is a picture of my mother showing me the Ethiopian Coffee ceremony. Why is she showing me this? Well, she’s For Mother’s Day, while I gave her a gift card to her favorite store, she gave me culture as a present. Although I focus most of my ancestry researching on my paternal line (mainly because it’s easy access), my maternal line is equally as important. You can read more on the details here.

I have always been proud of the fact that my mother is Ethiopian. I remember when I was younger, telling people that because I thought it was the coolest thing! But, growing up wasn’t much different than any other household. We didn’t speak any foreign languages. She didn’t teach us her language of Tigrinya because she was focused on learning English. In addition, Jacksonville doesn’t really have a strong Ethiopian presence to help people reinforce their culture on their children. I’m sure if we lived in Washington D.C. we would be fluent in Tigrinya.

As I’m going thru this journey, I realize there are a lot of things that I need to focus on. I want to take the time out to learn Tigrinya (I have Tigrinya the EZ-Way CD). I’m also going natural. I’ve had a relaxer for as long as I can remember and I want to see what my hair looks like without the chemicals. For so long, you think that you NEED to have a relaxer. But, I’m tired of that NEED and ready for this WANT…

*pictures will be updated later…having computer issues.*