Tombstone Tuesday – Oak Grove Cemetery

These are pictures of headstones in Oak Grove Cemetery in Elizabeth City, NC. Oak Grove is one of the black cemeteries in Pasquotank County and appears to be the oldest.

When I went this past may, I made sure to go by one of black cemetery’s to see my ancestors. Although the cemetery is kept in pretty good condition, I couldn’t help but be heart broken when I saw many tombstones deep in the woods surrounding the cemetery. I wouldn’t dare attempt to go that deep in the woods as I was already warned by family that there are snakes…rattlesnakes. However, I did try to get as close as possible!

Many of my ancestors are buried here as this cemetery was started in the 1800’s. One of my grand aunts is buried out there, but her grave does not have a marker. My grand uncle showed me the general location of where his sister was buried, but he was certain.

It broke my heart to walk thru the cemetery and see these headstones looking like this. I just wondered who they may be? and who’s looking for them…