Freedom Tweet 2010 #FreedomTweet

This is a repost from the Carnival of AA Genealogy.  I wanted to help spread the word. 

What is FreedomTweet 2010?

Where will FreedomTweet 2010 take place?

What will we do?

  • Tweet about FREEDOM using Hash tag: #FreedomTweet

What is the goal for FreedomTweet?

  • Drive folks to on June 19th to *tweet* at least once answering this question?  What does FREEDOM mean to you?

When will we need to *tweet* again?

Who can participate?

  • Given that FREEDOM is subjective, FreedomTweet is open to EVERYONE! We all can identify with being and/or desiring to be liberated from something, right?! FreedomTweet is for the entire community!

Is there anything we can do now?

  • Yes! Starting today through June 12th genea-bloggers should write about the history of Juneteenth and promote other celebrations happening across the country! If you write a post about FreedomTweet and/or Juneteenth, please email us at [email protected] and provide the URL!

Please spread the word about FreedomTweet 2010 with your employers, churches, schools and community organizations — everyone is invited to join in the celebration!

Anything else we should know?

We MUST get the FreedomTweet message viral — using all our collective networks to circulate the news! With a community effort, we could easily see several thousand folks hitting on June 19th all around the theme of FREEDOM in observance of Juneteenth!