African American History in Albemarle

How interesting. Searching for Pasquotank in Google’s Blog search, I found this article.

The participation in this February’s National African-American History Month throughout the Albemarle has been phenomenal, and Wednesday night’s event at the Pasquotank-Camden Library was no exception. By 7 p.m. Wednesday night, the Community room of the Pasquotank-Camden Library was packed full with a diverse range people, all eagerly awaiting tales of the African-American history in their area.

The event that this group attended was the 2nd Annual Famous First Black History Month program, a tribute to all of the Albemarle area’s first African-American accomplishments. Beginning last year, the library decided to recognize all the new honors and job positions that African-Americans in the Albemarle achieved. I

n the program Wednesday night, many of the new firsts were honored, ranging from the first high school wrestling coach, to the first police officer to receive a silver star for bravery. The program started strong with a portrayal of the local legend, Moses Grandy, by City of Elizabeth City Councilman, Read more ……