We is Cousins….

Hello Cousin! I’m searching for info on Rosa Spence/ Cora McCoy/ the Lowry’s too. I’m in Baltimore; email me so that we can work together.”

That’s how I met my cousin, Tina, in November 2007. See, her grandmother, Rosa Lowry, is my great grandmothers, Bessie Lowry, sister and her grandfather, Enoch Spence, is my great grandfathers, Aaron Edward Spence, brother.

Our family story has always been 2 sisters’s married 2 brothers we’re all double related. I always heard the story but never really knew it. I didn’t know Rosa’s side of the family, although we have the same side. But, I never knew her children, grandchildren etc….til now.

When Tina contacted me, I was skeptical. She found me thru Ancestry.com. I thought no one else was researching my family tree. I would look at message boards and websites and everyone was researching other counties in NC. The rare post I would find researching African-American ancestry in Pasquotank would be for a different surname.

Although our family has been in Pasquotank and Camden counties since at least 1870, I haven’t been able to find much, in my opinion, on our family. I’ve interviewed family members and none of them could ever tell me

Her: Hey Cuz! Girl, tell me who you are (who’s your mom)… I didn’t know I had family in Florida! Did you go to the family reunion this year? I was there. My Mom is one of Rosa Spence’s daughters her name was Matlene (but she goes by Madeline) How do I see your family tree? Maybe you can help me, I’m looking for my father’s grandmother’s family and I’m hitting a brick wall — how do I get around that?

Me: Hey. My dad is Spence. His mom is Spence. Her mom is Bessie Lowry. Her parents are William Lowry and Harriet Banks. Harriet’s parents are Caleb Banks and Henrietta. What’s your dads name and DOB? Also where was he born? Maybe I can find something. I missed the reunion. My grandma told me that the Spence family from South Mills came. I’m trying to compile a family tree for the next on. That’s how it all started. Now, we don’t do our research without each other. We’re always sharing ideas, theories and finds with each other.

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