Restoring Grandpa…..

While wandering thru google (to see if I’m listed as a genealogy blog..) I stumbled upon this site . Not only does he research his family tree, he restores pictures as well. Do you see the sample? He did that!

This is a picture of my grandfather, George Washington Bolden/Bowden/Boulden. The picture is damaged due to a step-father tearing in a fit of rage.

One of my relatives taped it back together for my dad when he was a young boy. However, they put the tape on the top of the picture instead of the bottom. This makes the picture even more fragile and difficult to restore. I have sent it off several times to get restored and it always came back looking…well…like crap! My main concern is the face. Previously when I sent it off, the face would come back looking like someone different.

I sent this to George b/c I’ve seen some of his work. All I can say is, he did an amazing job. I only seen him a low resolution copy I had saved on the computer to see what he could do with it. Now, I’ll be scanning a higher resolution image onto CD to send to him. He really does some amazing work. Along with the fact that he takes pride in his ancestors, he knows how important these photo’s are to those researching theirs.

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  1. Allum & Taneya,

    Thanks for the kind words and acknowledgment!

    Yes, I do respect and love our ancestors, enjoy hearing their stories, and making their photo images looking as good as possible.

    I recall how our parents and guardians wouldn’t let us go out in ‘Public’ looking raggedy and tore up. I adopt that same philosophy in my photo restorations.

    “Guided by the Ancestors”

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