Oh My Genealogy!!!!!!!!

Mechie once told me to “the Ancestors are assisting us” and George Geder always ends his posts and comments with “Guided by the Ancestors”. Unless you research your family tree, you won’t understand this. However, those of us who are can feel themselves being lead in a certain direction.

Yesterday, while going thru my spreadsheet of ancestors, I stopped at Martha Lowry (B: 1899, D: 1916). She was only 16 when she died and I had already looked at her death certificate. The cause of death was unknown and the informant was James Armstrong, not her parents, which I thought was odd. Martha is the sister of the 2 sisters that married 2 brothers. However, yesterday I looked at the death certificate again and noticed something that I didn’t see before.

Place of Burial: Mill Pond Ground.

How did I miss this earlier?!?!?!?!?!?! Could this be the Hinton Burial Ground that has been eluding me for the past year?!?!

I have asked SEVERAL family members that live in Pasquotank and no one knows about the Hinton Burial Ground. However, after speaking to my dad about this one day, he did mention about a burial ground down the street from my great grandmothers house (Mill Pond Road). The same street several of my relatives have lived for YEARS! So, in recent days, I have asked several family members about burial grounds on Mill Pond Road. Low and behold, several family members remember a burial ground off a dirt road about 1 mile down the street.

I got chill bumps yesterday when I spoke with one of my cousins about it and he confirmed. If this is the Hinton Burial Ground, it’s an important piece of our family. The parents of our Spence-Lowry connection are buried here. Typing this is giving me chills!!!!!

I got chill bumps this morning when I spoke with my Cuz Tina and told me what her father said. “My father said that there is a cemetery on Mill Pond road. It’s at the end of the road.”

The hairs on my arms stood up for at least 2 minutes. I just kept thinking this must be it!!!!!

My dad is going to Pasquotank this weekend for a funeral. I’ve asked him to see if he could find this burial ground and take a picture.

If it is still there, I intend to make it my mission to get this restored.

*Update- I went back and looked at other siblings of Martha Lowry an found a sister of that was buried at Mill Pond Burial Ground also.*

**Update again-I was clicking on the Pasquotank County NC Gen Web site and then clicked on the Pasquotank County Government link. Wouldn’t you know, the county is trying to identify these unknown cemeteries!! I think I found mine.**

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  1. Thanks. I have been in contact since almost the beginning. She hasn’t been able to locate this cemetery. But I have another new lead on it. I’m updating the blog now. So excited!!!

  2. Hi A. Spence,

    I love reading your blog and I have tagged you with the “I Heart Your Blog” award. The details are on my blog Heritage Happens.


  3. I am joining Msteri & you in the Genealogy Dance! I love it! Don’t think I’m kooky – but I believe 100% the Ancestors want their stories told & assist us with putting the puzzle together. The more you acknowledge them, the stronger the connection will be. See, I told you – you are the Lowry Griot of this time.


  4. glad you’re back in the genealogy living.

    I could ‘feel’ my ancestors as I was writing this.

    My dad said that it’s overgrown with weeds and this time of year, there’s rattlesnakes and too dangerous to go back there. I know I’m going to have to take a trip.

  5. Hey Allum:

    Just wanted to also say that I am very happy to hear about this wonderful find! I got chills too just reading your post. Like you, Mechie, Craig and the others, I def believe our ancestors are with us, guiding us. I can’t wait to read what happens next!


  6. Hey, get up with me when you get a chance, went and found this cemetery you have marked on the home page as well as a few others scattered around this same area.

    Diane Siniard

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