With writing a newsletter and the holidays coming up, I hadn’t had much time for research. I also hadn’t had that urge to focus on anyone particular for a while. Maybe my ancestors are busy too. I don’t feeling them guiding me towards an ancestor, but I do feel them guiding me towards unity.

See, with my family, we have had a separation for far to long. For reasons unknown to me, Spence-Lowry family has been a bit divided. This is my own opinion. My family may not agree, however it does appear that way. So, my quest has been to try to unite my family. The 2 sisters that married 2 brothers.

Usually our family reunion consists mostly of 1 sister and brother’s family. The Bessie and Ed side. However on the Rosa and Enoch side, very few come to the reunion. I can understand why. But, I’m not going to air that on here. But, what I want for the coming years is for both sides of the family to feel connected. I don’t want one side to feel more or less important than the other. There is a reason why we call it the Spence-Lowry family. Because it’s the 2 sisters that married the 2 brothers. We are strongly connected and we should remain that way.

4 Replies to “Hiatus”

  1. I hope that you are coming back to the blogging world. Your content is unique and encourages others in our community to take time to document OURstory…

    peace, Villager

  2. Thanks. I am coming back to blog world. I had some family projects that I had to jump start and didn’t have time for research. But, I’m slowly working my way back into it.

  3. Hi! I have just been catching up on all your blog postings. I know what you mean by the two sides of the family being somewhat divided. There is always an annual Pemberton family reunion put on by the descendants of my great-grandfather Jack’s brother, Lovell (aka Bud). They invite Jack’s descendants, but hardly anyone from our family ever goes. I have recently become reunited with a cousin who is a descendant of Lovell, so hopefully we can work together to change that. Anyhow, I totally understand what you mean and wanted to share. Love your blog!

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