Why we’re clueless.

Talking to my dad yesterday, I realize that as a family, we’re clueless.  We don’t know who are relatives are, let alone our ancestors.  I put in a perspective he could understand. 

I told him that I know my grandmother’s siblings and their descendents.  But, he doesn’t know his grandparents siblings and/or descendents.  That is a generation of cousins he has no idea about.  That’s what makes us clueless. 

But, that’s one of the beautiful things about family.  Because we have the same blood running thru our veins, there is an instant connection to them as well as to the past.  There is similarity in lives that you can not forget.  Because they’re family, you’re always connected.   

I’ve spent the last several months trying to reconnect with those family members no one knows about.  I’ve called cousins as distant as possible with a simple “Hello, you don’t know me but you’re my cousin.  My great-grandmother was Bessie Spence.”  From there, they have welcomed my phone call.  It’s beautiful.   Bessie & Rosa Spence were the matriarchs of the family.  Everyone knows those names.  It’s like getting a VIP pass to someone life by saying you’re descendent from them. 

I truly believe my calling is to reconnect my family that has long gone distant.  Family rumors and disagreements cause some family members to stop reuniting.  Others no longer see the importance of keeping up with cousins. 

I always find it silly when some cousins are to scared or nervous to call other cousins.  I’ll call anyone.  Why be scared to talk to family?!?

But as we move forward, I hope that my efforts will show my family that regardless of anything, because we’re family, I love you.  I may not even know you. 

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  1. I there’s always one in the family that is trying to connect all the dots and lines. You are the one in your family. Don’t give up. It’s all worth it.

  2. Don’t give up on trying to connect the dots. The desire to reconnect with lost lines was one of the things that drove me to start researching.

  3. Yesterday, while driving home to Atlanta, I had a long ‘road chat’ with my Great Aunt Minnie. She is one of the few remaining ‘elders’ that can assist me with long-forgotten clues to our Families lineage.

    The conversation was amazing, given the fact that when I started this work, no one in the family other than my Mom, approved of it – including Aunt Minnie.

    But yesterday, she remarked about how these memories lie dormant & when she speaks to me, they just seem to come “alive”. Again, yesterday she told me things I did not know but will certainly help in piecing our family past together.

    I told you along time ago, you are a Griot & this was your destiny. This was your work to do.

    Look how your work has progressed since we first connected? Look at the blessings our connection ushered into my life & research?

    The Ancestors know the job to be done & know who to sanction to do it. They make no mistakes.

    Allum is their voice.


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