Researching Humans…

I just completed the newsletter interview with my 80 year old 1st cousin 2 times removed. She is the grandchild of my 2nd great grandparents, William and Harriet Lowry.

My cuz, Tina, is usually responsible for this, but she tried on several occasions get it done. However, this cousin was not available when she called. So I told her I’d try. BINGO – she was available.

She gave me some insight in to who my 2nd great grandparents were as people. She said that William was a fun man. He played with all his grandchildren and she remembers him having a garden that she would play in. He was short ‘about 5’ somethin’ and dark skinned. Harriet was a ‘big fat light skinned’ woman. She was also somewhat taller than her husband. She had long hair down her back. She enjoyed when this cousin would come over and cook for her. She also said that they both were very nice people.

Now, this cousin was only about 8 or 9 when her grandparents passed. So imagine…cooking at that age.

It was nice getting to hear what type of people they were and it helps put more humanity to the names. Hearing for the umpteenth time that Harriet had long hair down her back (from someone that actually saw here), is something. In African American genealogy research, it is often assumed that if an ancestor was noted having long hair or long dark/black hair, they must be Native American. Of course, this is just and assumption and we all know…you should never ass-u-me.

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