I Genealogy People.

I know what you’re thinking, what does “I Genealogy People” mean. The order of words is confusing. But let me explain.

I recently started watching True Blood. All my co-workers, friends, facebookers, twitterers, etc. is in love with this show. So, I decided to start seeing what the hubbub is all about. Well, I instantly fell in love with the grandmother on the show. Why? Because, she isn’t at all shocked that Bill is a Vampire or worried that her granddaughter is fascinated with him. Her main concern is, his knowledge on Civil War facts. SHE WANTS TO PICK HIS BRAIN. I love that!!! She is interested in him for his genealogy facts. When he comes over for dinner, she starts asking him about ancestors and people that lived in the area WAY before her time. Lol. I would love to do that!!!

Second – The day my ancestors spoke to me.

On lunch the other day, I decided to kill some time by going to the health food store. Not really wanting anything, but really had nothing else to do. While wondering the store, I passed by a FINE man…and I mean FINE! Well, I didn’t break, stop or slow. But I did make eye contact, smile and say hello. Ladies, you know that feeling you get when you KNOW someone is watching you walk away. I had that feeling.

Sure enough, I rounded the corner and started looking at essential oils and he came sortly after. Mind you have a have a Mr. Man, so there was no entertaining this one. But it was flattering when he asked me my name and if I was single. Once I gave him my status, we chatted for a quick minute and then he said “Nice to meet you”. I don’t know why I asked, but I thought about it ‘He didn’t even give me his name..so I technically didn’t meet him like he says’. I asked him his name. ENOCH. At that moment, I genealogy’d him. I repeated it back to him “Enoch, really? E-N-O-C-H? Wow, that’s a family name.” See that?? I have a problem..lol I have never met a Enoch. Not even the Enoch’s in my family. There are only a few. I was shocked that I ran into one.

Enoch Spence is my great grandfather’s brother. He is also the other half of the 2 brothers that married 2 sisters in my family lore. I think the ancestors were speaking to me with this one… What do you think? Were they speaking to me? lol

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