My inspiration for Genealogy

Some years ago, my dad showed me this book that my aunt made. It was in essence, a picture book. But, it also had names of family members I never knew of or heard much of. She didn’t have dates or history in the book. It was simply pictures and names. She made this book for all the children of Ed & Bessie Spence. I’m guessing, they all know the people in the book. She is the wife of my uncle, one of the children of Ed & Bessie.

The book she made bit me. That book is what started me on my path to figure out who my ancestors are and find out how I’m related to people in Elizabeth City. It hurt deeply to find out she passed away on Thursday. If it wasn’t for her and the book, I wouldn’t have started researching my family tree. She knew alot about our family. She remembers my father as a child and was there for the first reunion. She would quickly correct you when you were wrong about family history. But, she was also guarded when it came to it. Outside of that book, I didn’t get much information from her. She never understood why a ‘young person would be interested in dead people’. I would always tell her that I just want to know who my cousins are. She would just smile.

Rest in Peace Auntie. You are deeply missed and loved. I know you’re better now.

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  1. Spirit speaks to Spirit & though Auntie didn’t know it, she was passing the Griot torch to the next Spence Medium… one day, you will do the same.

    Blessings to your Aunt… she’ll be guiding you for many, many years to come.


  2. Although she has passed on, guess who will be guiding you now. It was a blessing that your dad showed you that book and she was around to fill in the blanks. My heart goes out to you and your family on your loss, will keep you and your family in my prayers.

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