No joint researchers

I have been crazy busy lately at work which has left me not time to blog, let alone think about genealogy. I know sad!

But, since starting my search 2 years ago, I have come across ZERO fellow researchers.  Granted, I’m researching 2 specific counties in NC (Pasquotank and Camden) and 4 surnames: Banks, McCoy, Lowry & Spence.  Still no one.  Not one descendant from these other lines are researching the tree…that I know of.  

Why is that? Why aren’t more people, mainly African Americans, researching their roots? Is this not important??

2 Replies to “No joint researchers”

  1. I know how you feel. My NC side is like that, too. Meanwhile, although I’ve come across nobody searching my direct lines in GA, I have come across shared lines and perhaps collateral slave descendants.

  2. Hey A. Spence! Long time no talk to. I have Spences in my family! I heard of a cousin with a last name of Spence growing up, but didn’t realize he was really my cousin. You know how we adopt family members. : ) I am just finding out the name of his mother and a few siblings. The family has resided in a small town in NC near Fayetteville. Contact me so we can chat. Perhaps we’re related!


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