Where do you research?

Being an out of town researcher, I rely heavily on online research. Although there are occassions where I’ll be able to travel to NC to do some hands on searches.  The only problem is, those occassions are few and far between.  So, where do you do most of your research online?

Personally, I also rely heavily on Ancestry.com for all my online research.  I know that’s not the cream of the crop..but that’s where I first started.  Before I start my research again, I want to know where are the best places to go {online} to research. 

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  1. Where the best place is to do your research online depends, of course, on what you are looking for. Have you tried the North Carolina state archive website? Many state archives have digitization programs, or at least have their catalogs online. The Florida State Archive has lots of documents digitized and online, and is adding more. Likewise the Georgia State Archive. Those are two I know about from personal use. Other states are getting in on it, too, so that might be a good source for you.

  2. I have tried their website. I hadn’t found it helpful to my research for my particular county.

    I live in FL..but the local libraries here have have limited info on NC. I would probably need to focus on some ILL to help in my search.

    Thanks Karen.

  3. Alum,

    You know even though I was borned, raised, and have lived the majority of my life in NC, I’ve mainly concentrated on my GA roots. Also, I grew and have always lived on the opposite end of the state that my ancestors are from.

    I know practically all of the register of deeds have websites but, I think very few of them have anything digitized. Death certificates up until ??? (can’t remember the year) can been found on Ancestry along Also, have found some NC obituaries on Ancestry.

    Also check out NCGenweb, NC Family Records Online (must admit that I’ve not found a lot there), familysearch.org, and NC Genealogy.

    Just my personal opinion but I don’t think my state has a lot digitized. I feel like GA is acutally further ahead in this regard than NC.

    If you need to use snail mail, try to contact the contact first. You get a much quicker response than contacting the state.

    You might want to get a copy of Guide to County Records at the NC State Archives. Cost is $18

  4. Okay, I was really tired when I typed this and now that it’s posted, am noticing all the typos. If you have any questions just e-mail me.


  5. Apple – i never thought of Google Books. Thanks!!

    Joe – thanks for the link. I will check that out.

    Mavis – no worries. i understand. I rarely found anything useful on NC Archives site. It would be nice if they had more info online.

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