I survived…

Me and my cousin/best friend.

 I survived planning a successful family reunion! I don’t recommend do it alone! 

What is a successful reunion? 

  • Everyone arrived safely
  • We didn’t run out of food…not even for the late arrivals
  • Everyone had a great time
  • Everyone enjoyed the change!!!

We did our reunion a little different this year.  Since I was the one planning it, I changed alot of the traditional things we do during the reunion.  I was worried that I would get some resistence.  I was worried that we wouldn’t get a large turnout.  But I was wrong. 

I think the family was ready for some change. 

This year, we held the reunion, not in traditional Elizabeth City, NC.  But in Orlando, FL.  Nor did we hold it at the usual ‘last weekend in August’ that we have had it just about every year.  I moved the date up about 2 weeks to correspond when the kids were still out for summer break.  We had just over 100 people in attendance.  Which is awesome.  Granted when it’s in Elizabeth City..we have more.  But, a good majority of our family stays there.  So, being at the reunion is not a traveling event for them.  I was happy that we had a great turn out at this year. 

Many people took advantage of turning the reunion into the summer vacation.  Being in Orlando made it easy! 

Now I need to a vacation to recover!

4 Replies to “I survived…”

  1. You do know that I will be hitting you up for tips as I try to get my maternal granddad’s line back together for the first time in 12 years.

  2. Amy..i do need a vacation!!! Badly!!

    Mavis..Not a problem. Any help I can provide. It is a task but can be done mostly solo. But you’ll need helpers on the day of!!!!

  3. A great work you have done there. This shows all your love and affection for your family………for this you should go for a break after this wonderful family reunion. Good work………

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