Sad Story…..

….about family memories lost.

When my Great Grandmother Bessie passed away, her things were divided. As many precious things, some her children didn’t know what to do with. So, they left them in her home to make a decision at a later date. Her home is in our family so there were no worries of anything happening to them.

However, one relative came to live in Grandma Bessie’s house after her passing. Many of her things were removed when this relative moved out. Such as: a picture of my 2nd great grandparents, William and Harriet Lowry. These were Grandma Bessie’s parents.

The story goes that this relative took the picture to take to ‘someone’ to get copies made. But, this ‘someone’ lost the picture. Nor does this relative remember who this ‘someone’ is now.

I hope this story is NOT true. I hope that the relative is just hoarding the picture and other belongs. I hope that they weren’t just lost due to irresponsibility. Something so precious just can’t be lost!

I know I’m early into my research and people having quite opened up completely to everything just yet. But, I hope and pray that this is something that will come to light soon.

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  1. Allum, I want to encourage you. Know that your Family images will come.

    When I started my research 10 years ago, I had 2 sentences of information & no pictures.

    The Elders were against me “digging up old stuff” & uncooperative in sharing information.

    Give it time. Eventually they saw my intent & began to trust me with more & more information. They began to share pictures & the stories attached.

    Sadly, the story you told has occurred in MANY families – mine included.

    Be thankful you are here to preserve what stands today – so there is no more loss.

    Soon, your Family will be just as thankful too.


  2. Thanks,

    I talked to my cousin about this and she never heard this story. but she told me that her grandmother (the sister of my great grand) had a picture of them also. So, I got her calling around trying to find it. I hope that it turns up.

  3. This may sound crazy but ask your Ancestors to help you. I fully believe they want their stories told & assist us in this work.

    One day, I will have to share a few stories with you… they made me a believer!:-)


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