I have no shame.

Besides my bad interviewing skills that is. But I have no shame in cold calling or e-mailing possible family members. We have a large family that branch out to the east coast (even a few in the west).

The way I was brought up, you are our cousin. There is not just 3rd cousin 4 times removed. It was passed down from my great grandmother who is and who isn’t family. She pointed out to all of her children cousins and aunts. However, she left out the little detail of exactly how they were related. So, growing up, they just knew that this person and that person were cousin. Come to find out, they were all distant cousins. Either way, they are our cousin and loved no less.

Every year at our family reunion, we have the most recent and most distant of cousins that come. We’re that type of family. Heck, we even have friends in the neighborhood that show up because they know we’re going to have food.

However, as I’ve begun the search thru my family tree, I’ve noticed a lot of branches missing. Missing because the information that my great grandmother passed on to her children didn’t trickle down like it should have. When the elders passed away, their children missed the information also. I’m trying to reconnect those branches of my tree.

Plus you never know, they may hold the missing link to go even further back. So, if you’re a distant cousin that got the Cousin Connections newsletter, it’s because you’re family. Now it’s time you figure out how.

4 Replies to “I have no shame.”

  1. You can’t afford to – not if your research is going to move forward!

    I can’t count the number of times I’ve said “Hi there, you don’t know me personally but…”!:-)


  2. lmao…Thats how all my conversations start. My great grandma bessie’s name always gets me more information. It’s like dropping a celebs name to get in the door.

  3. I walk up to anyone for just about anything – so if there’s even a remote chance they’re family, I’m talking! I’m thrilled with the number of emails and even phone calls I get from people saying, I found my ______ (insert relative here) on your (website or ancestry.com tree) and then we discover the connection. It’s a joy and a great way to get more info. I always follow up with, “Be sure and let me know if you find any (funeral cards, photos, wedding invitations, obituaries, cousins, etc.)!”

  4. I agree Sasha. I do the same thing. As I find new relatives, I add them to my mailing list and they get a newsletter. Then the phone calls and chatter among family comes. I love it!!!

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