I wish I knew

I wish people would just write on the back of pictures. Don’t they know that people will come looking and wonder who they are.

In my Wordless Wednesday picture, you can barely see the faces. It’s obviously a picture of some people at a military camp. There are 4 people sitting in this care and I can’t make them out for anything!!!

So, if you have pictures at home, take time out and write who’s who on the back of them!!! Please.

Thank you,

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  1. Sadly, our Ancestors don’t know they are living history – just we do.

    When my cousin Malinda recovered over 100 images from her Great Great Grandfather, Mingo Wingfield, all were without names!:-)

    I think the majority still remain unidentified to this day.


  2. If I could go back in time for 10 minute to my great grandma, i’d tell her to write everything down and put names on the pictures.

    I can only guess who’s in this photo. she had 2 brothers in the military. and it could be them.

  3. I’m hoping that mom will at least do that for some of the pictures she has. A lot of the pictures do have information on them but some of the ones I care about don’t.

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